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Brushes ..

Hey just going to do a lil run through of the brushes I use …

big black brush

this brush is good for applying e.g. an all over colour like a neutral base. this brush gives a good all over coverage, or possibly to blend.

bigbrushthis is another brush which is good for all over colour , the wide set brush gives it the ability to cover evenly & well. Can be used for blend but not fine blending as it can cause a bit off mess.

black blending brushthis is the main brush I use for blending , becasue its has a gentle fluffy quality aswell as being slightly narrow which is good for more definition whilst blending.

cheap applicator brushThis is a hidden gem, I got this for like £2 at a drugstore. Was a good bargain works pretty well as a general applicator brush on the bottom eyelids.

eyeshdow applicator brush bodyshopThis brush is a very good applicator , can be used for bottom eyelids or lashline. This is type of brush from the Body Shop costs a pretty penny but is worth it .

fine application frontcoverThis is a good brush to use for underneath the lashline or to use in the crease. the fine tip works well for definition.

frontcover doubleendedThis brush is good for blending or using it for highlight powder, just below the eyebrow.

lip brushthis is a pretty run of the mill lip brush can purchase one form most drugstores, and are usually cheap. lip brushes are good for creating more definition and staying power from lip colour.

lip&concealer brushThis can be used as a lip brush or a concealer brush, remeber to wash inbetween if tyou do both lol.

narrow applicatorThis applicator I recived with an eyeshadow , it looked so nifty I decided to take it out & keep it for fine defintion, e.g. lower lashline, inner corner of the eye.

smudger black body shopThis is a smudger , used to blend out colour.

wide applicator sponge

This is an applicator, they are good for a strong application of colour.

Thankyou for reading hope it may have been helpful.



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