Glamour Model Look Tutorial

Hey i’m going to create a Glamour Model Inspired Look for ya today.

SDC122261) First I used Base all over my eyelid I used base by Estee Lauder. This is to smooth imperfections & act as a base for the colour to latch on to.

SDC122032) Next apply white eyeshadow all over the base & eyelid. SDC122083) Then I applied a medium Grey Eyeshadow all over the lower eyelid. SDC122104) Then I applied the same grey I used under the inner corner of the eye.

4B) I applied  black Eyeshadow pn the outer corners on the lower lid, then applied the same black eyeshadow on the outer corner of the lower lashline (did you get that lol)

SDC12214grey && black under eye (I apologise about how awful I look  on this photo )

5) Now it’s time to grab your black liquid liner && apply it along the lower eyelid to give the ‘winged out’ look. SDC122176) After that I used a small applicator brush and applied black eyeshadow along the lquid liner line to give a more sultry ‘smoked out’ effect. (make sure you wait until the liner is dry) . SDC122217) After this is done it’s time to apply your black kohl eyeliner && black mascara or falsies ..the look is complete…Voila!

SDC12234SDC12237If you wanna go the whole hog & look extra vampy i used red lips with this look.

SDC12226But if thats to much overkill I went with a pale pink lip , with complements the smoky tones better.


Thankyou for looking at my post , hope you liked it

take  care xxxx

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