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July 12, 2009 layniloo

Heya !

halloween eye

just lettin ya know im not claiming to be any kind of expert i just like having fun with this kind of stuff lol…

its gettin to that time of year again Halloween baby! lol ..well ok its like a moth away but im gettin started early lol ..i’m doing an eye look that could be ideal for Halloween kinda for a Devil look coz of the colours but doesnt have to be could just be for a bold, stand out look ..so il get started…

1)First Cover your whole eyelid in a neutral eyeshadow that is very simialr to your skintone, (*quicktip if you don’t have eyeshadow thats neutral foundation powder will work ok)

1b) apply black shimmer stick crayon all over the lower eyelid to act as something for the colour to latch onto and moke the colour pop, you can get these cheap as chips and it helps the colour stay and pop !



Next use a small applicator to cover the whole bottom eyelid on red eyemake up

(*quicktip if no red eyeshadow is availible red blusher will work 2, )it all goes on ya face! lol


3)after you have done that use a small eyeshadow applicator to apply bright bold yellow eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye dab first to give a stronger impact of colour then blend out gently

This image has been reduced to 73% of its original size.

next grab some gold eyeshadow and another applicator and apply the gold in the middle of the eyelid dab then blend out to give a graduated yellow gold and red effect almost like a flame lol,


5)Next use an eyeshadow brush to sweep white eyeshadow just below the eyebrows to act as a highlighter the helps open the eye and blend some of the sharper lines


6) After that use a small eyeshaow applicator and apply the same colours used on the eyelid to define on the lower lash line e.g red eyeshadow on the outer edge , gold eyeshadow in the middle and yellow  on the inner corner of the eye.


7) Next apply black liquid liner on the top lash line using a slight flicking motion on the outer corner to give a more feline look


8) Next use a black kohl eyeliner to match the liquid liner to line and define the inner eye and point it to give a cat like look and line the lower lash line.


yea i look kinda freeky on the last photo sorry for inflicting that image on ya  hehe

once this is done you can add your mascara, falsies and your good to go !

and if you get fallout on your cheeks not to worry grab a fluffy poder brush and brush away lol



Thank you Kindly for reading my blog , leave any comments, feedback etc u feel like 🙂



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  • 1. xoxoriri  |  July 20, 2009 at 8:43 am

    Very pretty colors! I actually thought about Starburst or Skittles while looking through the photos, haha.

  • 2. toastertheparamorefan97  |  July 23, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    Hey what brands of make-up do you use for this and also where can you get them? I’m really positive that I’m going to do this for Halloween!

    • 3. layniloo  |  July 23, 2009 at 7:10 pm

      Hey,thanks for comment
      i used pretty run of the mill , cheap products at the time for this. credit crunch and all hehe.
      Barry M is good for brights , I use the red cherry .


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